Mac Doesn’t Stand a Chance…

If I, a highly experience Mac user with a marketing, advertising and sales background, can’t convince the woman that loves me that she should get a Mac, Apple doesn’t stand a chance.

At least, not when it comes to the gamer geeks.

You see, while she admires all the things I easily do on my Mac, whether it be simple Internet mail and web surfing that “just works,” or advanced things like multi-track recording, podcasting or video editing, there is only little thing that keeps her from being able to afford a Mac.

World of Warcraft.

And, perhaps, The Sims 2.

In order for her to get a laptop that has a graphics card that will play these games decently, she has to spend $2000. And even then, unless she runs Windows on the machine, she won’t have access to all the plug ins and expansions and add ons she’s used to.

So, regardless of what I say or show her, and how “wowed” she is about everything she’s see, ultimately, her one “killer app” is something that the Mac just doesn’t have.

So, will someone please tell Cupertino we need a low-end MacBook that can play games? Please? I really don’t want to become XP tech support when she brings her new PC laptop over and tries to get it to connect to my wireless network or print to my printer wirelessly.

I went through that all with my ex who, fortunately, wasn’t a gamer and was able to buy an iBook…

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, after all.

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