No Longer a Newbie

Although I’m not quite yet 40, I know I’m old. Ancient, even, by computer terms. I was born before the home computer, and grew up discovering just what “home computer” really meant. My first computer had 4K of memory. My next, 32K. Moving up to 128K then 512K and beyond was just part of the evolution. My first hard drive? 20 megabytes. Today, that wouldn’t even hold four photos taken by my digital camera. (And, for what it’s worth,my first digital camera came with a whopping one meg of memory and could hold about 32 images, though I later expanded it to 5MB.)

The point? Things change. What was once new soon becomes old, and what was once old soon becomes ancient. It seems only yesterday I bought my first Mac, an original model 1998 iMac. Eight years later, I realize I’m no longer a newbie.

Welcome to Appleause. Based on years of experience.

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