It dawns on me that we could easily be a well respected Apple Mac Rumor site simply by posting occasional Random Apple Rumors (educated guesses, of course). Just by chance, we’d get some of them right and quite possibly have a higher accuracy rating than some of the “real” rumor sites.

To explain: Things change. Ignoring the fact that Apple sometimes uses fake information to track leaks, nothing it guaranteed in the business world. A manager could change positions and a project could be reassigned to someone else who isn’t interested in it and gets it canceled. A new marketing survey could change a roadmap. A supply chain problem could prevent a product going in to production. This happens all the time.

As a long-standing follower of both Apple and Disney rumors, these patterns seem obvious. So, starting soon, Appleause will begin offering occasional Random Apple Rumors.

You can tell us how we’re doing.

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