Mac and 3-D video and “st3d” metadata and YouTube

I started experimenting with 3-D video around 2003 using a camcorder add-on called the NuView. I have hours of 3-D footage from back then, but beyond converting it to red/blue anaglyph, there was no easy way to share it.

At some point, YouTube added support for 3-D video. It allowed you to easily upload video in several formats and it would play it back in several formats (including red/blue anaglyph, doing the conversion on the YouTube server side).

Unfortunately, this feature is no longer easy to use. They now require you to embed special metadata in the movie file before it is uploaded. They give instructions on their site:


Unfortunately, the ffmpeg command line they show does not work. I errors out on one of the options. I could not find a solution, but was able to find others posting about the same issue.

So, it’s time to post something here on this site so the search engines will find it. I am trying to find a way to embed the “st3d” metadata in a QuickTime .mov file so I can upload it to YouTube as a 3-D video.

Anyone have any tips? Thanks!

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  1. Kano3D

    Don’t embed the 3D metadata. Simply upload it as 2d. Why? The native 3D player of youtube are making millions of 3D devices watch the anaglyph version instead the real 3D. If you upload as SBS youtube doesn’t know it’s 3D and will not force anaglyph (even on the Nintendo 3DS or PCs with NVIDIA 3D VISION), this way when you open the video on a 3D device you have to simply swith on the 3D function of the screen.
    More info here:


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