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Initially, this site was created to be my attempt at “yet another Apple blog.” What it actually has become is something quite different. While I still occasionally share Apple related tidbits, I no longer consider that the primary purpose of this website… Here is my story, which will conclude with my reasoning why I don’t  even consider this website a blog at all, even though it currently uses WordPress.

My story begins:

Over the years, I have often found myself in search of answers that didn’t seem to exist anywhere on the internet. Surely I couldn’t be the only one in cyberspace wanting to generate video files for an UltraProjector on a Mac, or be the only one trying to find a way to hook up a low-cost SATA hard drive enclosure via FireWire.

My information quests have included these items, and many others. Sometimes, I would find others asking the same thing, but no answers. It seems common to find a support forum posting, with a bit of discussion, then nothing… Either they gave up, or found a solution and never reported back what it was. Worse was when they did report back, with a simple “I figured it out” which left the rest of us hanging.

I didn’t want to be “one of those people.”

When my searches finally did produce some bit of useful information, I wanted to help future seekers find what I did much easier. Initially, I would do this by going back to some forum where others had asked the same question, and sharing my research. For instance, if you wanted to know how to simulate a storybook style page turn transition in Final Cut Pro Express, your searches might come across a posting from someone else in 2009 asking the same thing, and my response, added a year later. I have left several Google trails like that over the years for future seekers to discover.

At some point, I started posting follow-ups on this website using Apple’s simple iWeb program. Over the years, I received a few e-mails from others who found my postings, asking for more information or, in some cases, just thanking me for helping them find what they were looking for.

This is what you need to change if you want WordPress to be able to import the full content of your iWeb articles.

This is what you need to change if you want WordPress to be able to import the full content of your iWeb articles.

Years later, with iWeb being discontinued, I decided to give WordPress a try. And wouldn’t you know it? I found many folks asking how to bring iWeb content in to WordPress, and only a few answers… And for others trying to do that who come across this page, here’s something missing from those answers: the reason you aren’t getting your full postings imported is because there is a setting you have to change which controls how much of your posting is included in the RSS feed. (You are welcome.)

But I digress…

So this is what I do here, and the important bit you should realize is that this is not a blog. Something I post today may be edited/revised tomorrow. Since I am often trying to provide information for future seekers to discover, as I learn more, I often go back and edit a previous posting, correcting or updating the information. For example, I have already edited a recent posting where I shared some Arduino sample code to correct formatting issues with said sample code.

So sure, I am using WordPress. And sure, I will sometimes post throwaway content meant to dissolve in the ether, but if you do end up here because you found something interesting, bookmark that page or section. It might be worth revisiting down the line.

Think of this site as a very disoriented knowledge base of random information (where “random information” means “mostly involving Mac, hard drive, video or Arduino type information”.)

Thanks for stopping by.

— Allen


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