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2012: The Year of 3-D

RAR (Random Apple Rumor, see 2007 post) of the day…

Apple will announce its 3-D imitative. “3-D is big in the movie industry right now, but it hasn’t made it successfully to the home. Other companies have been trying 3-D for years, but we think we can do it better.”

1. The Apple TV that is an actual TV will be a 3-D TV. Since 3-D TVs already carry a premium price, having one that also does Apple TV stuff won’t seem to have too much of an “Apple tax” associated with it. Killer industrial design AND “Apple Eye” glasses that will be better and cheaper than existing ones will be the feature that makes them better.
2. The iTunes 3-D Movie Store will provide content.
3. The new iPhone 3D and iPod Touch 3D will allow consumers an easy way to record their own 3-D movies.
4. iMovie 3-D will allow easy 3-D processing, including adding 3-D titles (user selectable depth).
5. Output to red/blue anaglyph (or direct uploading to YouTube, since they support 3-D) will be part of it.
6. 2012 will be the year of 3-D.

Based on nothing. (Well, except a supposed “next iPhone” case photo that shows a hole in each corner, spaced like they are spaced on the 3-D Aiptek/Viewsonic cameras… Sure, they said it was for a flash, but…)


It dawns on me that we could easily be a well respected Apple Mac Rumor site simply by posting occasional Random Apple Rumors (educated guesses, of course). Just by chance, we’d get some of them right and quite possibly have a higher accuracy rating than some of the “real” rumor sites.

To explain: Things change. Ignoring the fact that Apple sometimes uses fake information to track leaks, nothing it guaranteed in the business world. A manager could change positions and a project could be reassigned to someone else who isn’t interested in it and gets it canceled. A new marketing survey could change a roadmap. A supply chain problem could prevent a product going in to production. This happens all the time.

As a long-standing follower of both Apple and Disney rumors, these patterns seem obvious. So, starting soon, Appleause will begin offering occasional Random Apple Rumors.

You can tell us how we’re doing.