Occasionally, I embark on a wild goose chase across the internet trying to find a simple answer or solution to a simple question or problem… I do not always find what I am looking for, but I like to share my research in case it may save someone else time and effort.

Topics of research you may find on this site:

  • 360 VR photography and video
  • 3-D photography and video
  • Drobo hard drive enclosures
  • Firewire to SATA converters/interfaces
  • Furby (1998 original model) resurrection – this is the #1 most-viewed content on this site
  • UltraProjector solid-state projector and generating video files for it on a Mac

Other topics that used to be found here (Arduino, Radio Shack Color Computer, iCade, Halloween projects) have been moved to my site.

(This page mostly created to give the Google ‘bots something to chew on.)

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