Apple Store

Is there any explanation for why my local Apple Store is always so packed? During the Christmas holidays, one would expect extra traffic, but in March? It seems common to walk by on a weekday evening and find the store packed with dozens of customers. I’ve counted over 50 at one time, and what seemed like dozens of black-shirted Apple employees. So many even seem to be young, beautiful girls, which certainly was never the case when I was young and visiting computer stores (like, perhaps, Radio Shack in the 80’s).

Not only has Apple made a computer store cool, they’ve done their part at evolving retail in general. Simplistic displays, and employees who can check you out anywhere in the store using their handheld devices. Just amazing.

One wonders if, ten years from now, we’ll look back at how Apple changed the face of retail in shopping malls everywhere.

Until then, I’m just going to keep trying to be the “only” customer in my store. I tried this morning, but someone was already inside for a ProCare session. Ah well.

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