Apple TV

Apple TV (4th generation) multi-player and 3-D games list.

Since I have had no luck finding these types of listings via web searches, I decided to start maintaining a page myself. If you know any good reference sites, let me know and I will add them.

3-D (3DTV) Games – stereoscopic 3-D

The 4th generation Apple TV supports stereoscopic (3-D) apps. So far, the only ones I know about are those from Pangea Software.

  • Air Wings
  • Bugdom 2
  • Nanosaur 2
  • Nucleaus
  • Otto Matic

Multiplayer Games

Here are some multi-player games, where more than one player can play at the same time. Some work with the Apple TV remote and/or additional controllers, while others require downloading the iOS version of the app to use a special mode to act as a controller.

  • Crossy Road
  • Spider Square

To be continued…