Computers? What computers?

Any entity that has passionate fans and followers is likely to have more than its fair share of Chicken Littles. Whether it be Disneyland fanatics fearing the changes coming to Uncle Walt’s Tom Sawyer Island (hello, Jack Sparrow), or the Apple faithful (mis)reading between the lines and fearing so-far non-existent doom and gloom, it happens everywhere.

The MacWorld Expo was without mention of upcoming Mac models when Steve Jobs presented the keynote. Instead, AppleTV and the upcoming iPhone got all the attention. Stepping back from the “reality distortion field,” all one has to do is realize, from a media standpoint, a new MacPro with faster processor (or more of them) or a MacBook with a larger hard drive would end up being mere footnotes to any article mentioning a brand new product bearing the famous Apple logo.

It makes sense to me, but to many, it is once again a signal of the End of Times, and Macs are surely doomed.

Have faith, brethren. The Mac will rise again. Apple has alot riding on the upcoming Mac OS X release that always drives new hardware sales, and they can’t sell that new hardware without having new hardware.

And after the iPhone introduction, you can bet the media will be lining up to RSVP for whatever “special product introduction” Apple presents next…

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